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NEW GLOBAL CURRENCY 2018 or Sooner? New World Order is Here Folks!

So you heard of the New World Order Right? OK, so now the step for the Illuminati is Global Currency.  Everybody around the world will be under the same rule and using the same money. This is already in place people.People are sitting around allowing their lives to be fully ruled by an evil agenda.

Back in 1988 a magazine called the Economist had this title on their front page “Get ready for a world currency”. This has been in place and in the making for generations, and now it has finally come. The magazine stated the Phoenix bird could be the bird used on the global currency and could also be called “The Phoenix”. China and Russia both called for global currency.  They both signed agreement to trade with local currencies in October. That means they are ditching the Dollar Bill. America has 17 trillion dollars of debt, that’s not including all the social security, student loans, pensions, etc… Folks America is collapsing and here comes the New World Leaders with their Global World Order and global currency.

Their is rumored to be a global currency reset not a collapse. This will bring about the America losing its status as the world reserved currency. Washington is going to start confiscating pensions. China and the Arabians countries are not buying anything American. China is purchasing the most gold on the globe before the U.S Dollar collapses. China knows what is about to take place. America is bankrupt and has absolutely no assets. Watch Video below.

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