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Fetty Wap and the Illuminati Eye Symbol Devil Worshiper

fetty wap devil worshiper 679

By now most of us have heard  about the Hottest new rap artist Fetty Wap and his first single “Trap Queen”. He is known for his eyeless Illuminati eye. He has a couple of other cuts out right now like “679”  with the Remy Boyz  and “My Way” with Drake. Of course, like all the other rap artist that hit mainstream, they become engaged in the Illuminati occult rather they know it or not. Most know. The funny thing is Fetty Wap is a perfect candidate for being an Illuminati eye puppet. Right? He is already taking pictures covering up one eye and showing the eyeless eye or showing just one eye. The All seeing eye is known as the eye of Lucifer of Horus.

In his song “679” he states he is a devil worshiper. Momma Minaj (Carol Maraj) who put him on blast when she tweeted Fetty Waps is a Devil Worshiper and it states it at 6 seconds in his song “679”. Fetty Wap  responded with what, of course they all respond and say, It’s NOT True. Fetty Wap responded back and stated that demon, devil sounding beast in the beginning says “Remy Boy Lifestyle”. The odd thing is that AZ lyrics says the song says “I’m a devil worshiper” in the lyrics. Conspiracy huh? Maybe AZ lyrics  “thought” they heard “devil worshiper” but since has changed it to Remy Boy lifestyle.


Most celebrities like Rihanna, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Drake, Lil Wayne and on and on having pictures exploiting  the Illuminati eye, Baphomet and satanic salute symbols.  What people don’t understand is that the Illuminati is real and people are dying due to the Illuminati’s agenda of a New World Order.  Elberton Humanity Guidestones first commandment is to maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. All these all seeing eyes you are seeing are telling you a story and you must know how to read between the eyes. Big Brother is watching and wants your mind, soul, and body. These celebrities who are not writing checks, but cashing them have no power or authority. They are puppets and followers.  Entertainers, the colonized. Like Fetty Wap whose real name is Willie Maxwell is already a follower and a puppet for the New World Order. He has already started using the symbolism of the Illuminati beast.

fetty wap all seeing eye of lucifer

It’s sad that celebrities have to be a puppet because they are powerless and have no authority what so ever. The one who makes the money controls the people, controls the rap artist and all the other celebrities in Hollywood. Music is a tool used to control the masses as well. Music is used to control your thoughts and how you think. Most people are followers or sheeps and the Illuminati puts celebrities in place for the masses to follow their lead. Their lead right into a micro-chipped society controlled by the evil Illuminati elites. The Illuminati is all around you. It’s on your money, on your car, in your TV, in and on your cell phone. It’s on every corner and every city and state. The Illuminati eye is watching you and soon it will try to come and get you.


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