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Satanic Symbols and Rituals To Watch Out For

Have you ever seen strange graffiti, writings and symbols such a satanic signs on buildings, bridges and railroads? Now a days you can see satanic symbols on TV, movies, videos, clothing, jewelry and so on. Things such as black cloth, black candles, drawings of inverted pentagram in a circle with a goat’s head in the center could be in fact a satanic ritual. If you see these symbols around you take those symbols very seriously.  Hexagrams, 666 or triple 6, inverted crosses, and lightning bolts, devil horns are all symbols to watch out for. An alter, silver chalice and a sword is all associated with satanism and are ritual tools. Rock, Heavy Metal, Pop, and Hip-hop all contribute to teaching and worshiping Satan through their music. Being a satanist is recognized as a religion and it is legal. Satanist can be found all over the world starting with world leaders and elites.

There are different types of satanist. The regular satanist is portrayed usually as just a regular citizen with a regular 9-5, 40 hour job, maybe even intelligent and a little well organized and extremely secretive about his satanic beliefs and rituals. Most satanist performs rituals only on holidays and may have a tattoo on the left side of their body. Regular satanist also use breeders whom is a female who gives birth to babies to be used by the occultist as a sacrifice or the child grows up to be an adult to carry out the occult’s agenda’s and ritual’s. The next type of satanist is a self styled satanist. This satanist is usually always alone, that has a criminal background and you can usually tell they are satanist. They are usually are drenched with Black clothing with satanic tattoos or jewelry and listen to heavy metal satanic music. A lot of times they are serial murderers and blame everything on Satan.

Satanic Signs and Symbols To Beware Of

Signs and symbols that may appear around you in movies, books, billboards, TV, News are very important facet of Satanism and the occult. The symbol of anarchy which is an inner circle with the cross line extending through the sides of the circle ( looks like an “A”), represents the violation and abolition of all laws. This symbol is used by pop, heavy metal,  and rock music followers.

anarchy symbol

The upside down pentagram called the Baphomet is strictly satanic in nature and represents a hermaphrodite goat’s head. The two upper points represent Satan and the Antichrist and their domination over the Trinity. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


The number 666 or triple 6 refers to the mark of the beast that is found in Revelations 13 16-18. The Beast is the Antichrist, the son of Satan. The satanic salute is given with the index finger and pinky finger raised, and the thumb crossed over the middle and ring finger. This is always done with the left hand. The Satanic Salute is one of the most used satanic symbols in Hollywood. Every celebrity I know uses this symbol that worships Satan. Presidents, politicians, actors and actresses, rappers, singers, teachers and the list goes on has used this evil symbol. Have you used the satanic salute?  Media is a form of mind control and that’s why you see people on TV, movies, videos using this satanic symbol, because the goal is to have everyone worshiping Satan the beast in a One World Government with a one world language.

satanic salute



beyonce illuminati


the beatles satanic hands symbol 2


Another ritual ceremony is an altar is set up and a 9 foot circle surrounded by candles and etched in the center shaped like a pentagram. During this ritual human or animal blood is poured into the etching. Other objects found on the altar include a athame (ceremonial blade usually with a black handle), chalice ( a large cup used for drinking wine or blood during a ceremony), candles, parchment and a cauldron. Satanist are the leaders of the New World Order and they want the masses to worship Satan to. Mind control is used to accomplish this agenda.

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