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Our purpose and mission is to literally “FREE Dumb People”,  with our monthly Free E-zine were we provide news on Illuminati symbolism, mind control, police brutality, and the New World Order. Free Dumb People’s purpose is to elevate minds with information you may not otherwise bother to look up yourself or your brain simply doesn’t have the capacity to form the thoughts necessary due to a reckless education. It’s OK, you are meant to be a little back tracked and dumb, because they want you to simply rely on your “Smart phone” (aka Dumb Phone), good thing is, we KNOW better. Here, you won’t find gossip because gossip gets you no where. Talking about others, most importantly others in your community, is talking about yourself and it’s a complete waste of time.

Stop getting entertained and get edutained. Retain the importance because all your material possession won’t matter. In time of despair nothing you own, bought, lease, rent will cross your mind when you are trying to save your life. This information you will retain on this website may not be here much longer either. Concentration Camps and body bags are actually awaits those who will not easily give in to a world less human. There is no disclaimer, waiver necessary as this information is in public records for everyone to have easy access to.

Some Images are submitted and can easily be removed if conflicting with your personal rights. Our claimer is to claim truth to our people, from this day on until the day we die. In which we hope will be after the fall of the Criminalization of this Country America, South/Central America, Australia, Africa, Europe/Asia, with all due respect to Hueman Kind.

Would you rather know about fashion trends or about the 50,000 body bags that were flown into FEMA Camps? The year is 2015 & it seems as things are becoming much more retrogressive than they have ever have been. We hope you seek Freedom with Free Dumb People  and we hope you share it with your loved ones, friends and foe’s. Subscribe now here. Freedom is FREE!

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