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What Is Genetically Engineered Food and How Is It Killing Humanity? WAKE UP!

Genetically engineered food or GMO ( Genetically Modified Organism) are responsible for some of the MOST dangerous diseases known to mankind today, these dreadful diseases could end up being a potential lifetime disaster to not only the state and well being of humanity, but also earth is in danger as well, if we don't STAND

Black on Black Violence vs White On White Crimes?

Black on Black violence has always existed, just like any other group that commits crimes among each other. Wouldn't it make sense that if black people live around other black people in "black neighborhoods", that they would most likely kill other black people? Doesn't take a rocket scientist. Similar to

Sustainable Development Definition Is Agenda 21’s Mission To Kill off 6.5 Billion People

Sustainable development definition is the Agenda 21's 700 hundred pages on social and economic changes, conservation and management of resources, strengthening the roles of major groups including children and the Indigenous cultures and implementing international institutions. Agenda 21 was introduced by the multilateral United Nations, that plans on developing global

What is the Illuminati Conspiracy?

// According to some trusted sources, 'the Illuminati', is a title given to several groups of people. For some they are real and for some they are just fictitious characters. So, what's the practicality about the same? Behind every conspiracy theory that includes the New World Order, there is