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History of POLICE (Slave Patrols)

The first institutionalized  Slave Patrols started in Charleston, South Carolina in 1704 and then it with viral throughout the south. The Slave Patrols consisted of KKK members, regular white male civilians and local government militia. The Slave Patrols was created to keep the "Black People" in check, enslaved, institutionalized, colonized

Black American People Are The Only People Who…..

Being "Black" is about one of the hardest things to do in America. First just being called black is an insult. Black  Americans people are followers. Black Americans are the first to assimilate and the last to stand up against crimes of humanity and earth. Cultures have no respect for

Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein On McDonald’s Human Burgers! UGH!

// Rabbi Finkelstein talks in depth about the food you eat, mind control  and enslavement of the "Goyam" cattle like people in this video. "From cradle to grave all we do is make money from them [your children]". Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein Most people you tell something to, may doubt you in

Call for an immediate reform to the Police Enforcement System

The Police have been trained and molded to believe that you, the average citizen it comes in contact with, is an enemy. They take an oath to protect the brotherhood and to enforce laws. They treat civil matters as criminals and treat them as if they were criminals. This petition calls