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To Define Police MisConduct Is To Define Michael Brown, Walter Scott and Marcus Jeter Murders

Michael Brown, Marcus Jeter, Walter Scott, Walter DeLeon, Oscar Grant, Hailu Beshah, Christian Taylor, Samuel DuBose, Freddy Gray, Tamir Rice, Jerame Reid; all of these unarmed men define Police misconduct and Police brutality in America. In Christian Taylor's case, he was 19 and was shot reportedly 4 times by an officer. The

Stop & Frisk Law, Detain & Arrest then what?

We have been trying to make justice with the unjust for hundreds of years now. This law "Stop & Frisk" is no different than the Immigration Law & any other law that is put in to place to keep the oppressed oppressed and in systems like jails & prisons where

Globalization of The Police Urban Patrol

The Police are related to the Doctors. The Doctors that are married into the Lawyers that are Grandsons to the Judges of the Court. Judges who granddaughters are the School Teachers courting with a scientist who is 3rd cousins to another Politician and a Godfather to a Bankers newborn who's

Call for an immediate reform to the Police Enforcement System

The Police have been trained and molded to believe that you, the average citizen it comes in contact with, is an enemy. They take an oath to protect the brotherhood and to enforce laws. They treat civil matters as criminals and treat them as if they were criminals. This petition calls