May 23, 2018

FreedumbPeople was created to spread global awareness, alertness and open humans consciousness. In todays society, civilians are easily influenced by media. Freeing dumb peoples mind is FreedumbPeople’s mission. To liberate those from the psychological affect of being dumbed down by the lies of man, history and education for generations.

Education, colleges, jobs, the club, music, entertainment, food, media etc. all play apart in the continuous dumbing down of humans. The more worldly you are, the less you know about life and nature and the worst of you eventually become. Humans are in a state of worshipping evil unconsciously, without even having a clue because it’s now the norm to be diluted and to follow the trends of time.

Valuable information is out there, yet people are so caught up in reality tv shows, reality stars like; The Kardashians, Kylie jenner; oversexualized music artist like Cardi B and Nicki Minaji, or seasonal sports like Football or Basketball. It has become almost virtually non-existening for a human to familiarize themselves with self teaching, being self reliant, and become one with nature. This psychosis affect that many Americans and colonized indigenous people are under has had a great impact on humankind.

FreedumbPeople’s goal is to progressively move on-ward by creating a space where people can come back to their natural state of being and becoming more self-reliant and less depended on everything that has played a factor so far in making them dumb.